Home, Heart, Heritiage



All of the members of our community find a place to call home.

Our vision is for neighborhoods where everyone has the opportunity to access housing that meets their family’s needs, to choose successful schools, and to enjoy the support of neighborhoods without divisivegentrification and its disparate impact oncommunities of color.





The ingredients of a healthy community: diversity, affordability, services, jobs, housing, education, and residents who care.

We believe in healthy communities. It is important that a community is diverse and has adequate housing that is affordable. In addition to housing economic health is also important community needs well paying jobs we provide services to the, neighborhood to build a not only neighborhood but a community with people who care.




The richness of a community can often be found in its history and is a gift to our children.

We serve Portland’s tight-knit historically African-American community. Our role is preserving the economic and diversity of the area we serve. An area where housing costs have increased exponentially, where income inequality has grown morethan any part of the city.


We Approach our work using a social equity model.

Acting as stewards protecting affordable housing stock, providing tenant income support, and sharing community resources. We strive to ensure that our tenants and the community benefit from the area’s transportation and social services, grocery stores, and health care. Access to these resources is key to maintaining household self-sufficiency in North East Portland.

Our strategy for implementing this vision goes beyond the provisions of affordable housing. We provide programs for adults and youths that brings together members of the community in order to share skills and to connect with economic and educational opportunities. Our policy of hiring staff through work opportunities partners provides a direct connection to low-income adults and youths seeking job training and employment.