Author: Joshann Schoen-Clark

Marissa & Osias’ Interview

Marissa: Hi I’m Marissa Tallman and I’ve been living here since September 2016. Osias: I’m Osias Equae and I’ve been here since September 2016, too. Why did you choose Sabin CDC? Marissa: I actually didn’t have  a whole lot of

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Jasmine’s Interview

Jasmine giving her testimonial about Sabin CDC.

Hi my name is Jasmine Griffith and I’m a 27 year old single mom. I have 6-year-old Anne-Marie Macone and my 4-year old Kendrick who’s riding his scooter. How did you get connected with Sabin CDC? I got connected with

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Lucy’s Interview

Lucy giving her testimonial about Sabin CDC

My name is Lucy Mashia and I’ve been with Sabin since 19 and 94. Why did you choose Sabin CDC? Actually they chose me. I was a recovering addict and they had a program called Ugema Program, which was an

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