Sabin CDC Board and Consultants

Board Member Backgrounds

Harvey Rice – Chair

Community Elder

Identifies as: African American

Mr. Rice graduated from Benson High School in 1955. After graduating from high school he then enlisted in the United States Air Force, serving as a jet mechanic. After his service he graduated Pacific Academy of Accountancy and Pacific Computer Programming Institute in 1959. He then worked as a bookkeeper for the Portland Model City Program. Followed by accepting a position as an accountant for the Portland Metropolitan Steering Committee. In 1968 he attend Portland State University graduating in 1971 with a Bachelor of Science in Finance/Law. In 1972 he obtained a Master of Studies in General Social Science with a Certification in Urban Studies. During his studies at PSU Mr. Rice worked as the Assistant Director of the Portland State University Educational Center. Followed that by working as a loan officer and director for a non-profit organization, leaving that position to work for the State of Oregon’s Real Estate Division as a real estate examiner of real estate brokerage office auditing the Client Trust Account to ensure they were in compliance with Oregon real estate laws and administrative rules.

For more than 20 years, Mr. Rice has dedicated his time, energy, and knowledge to advocate for healthy people and communities across Oregon. He has been active on a multitude of local, county, state, and national boards and committees including: AARP Oregon, Oregon State University Extension Services, University of Oregon Health Science Dementia and Aging Study, Oregon Health Sciences University ORCA Technology Program, African American Chamber of Commerce, Oregon Trail Chapter of American Red Cross, Metropolitan Family Services, Urban League of Portland, Ride Connection, Multnomah County Library Cyber Seniors computer instructor, Vernon Neighborhood Association’s outreach, Portland Community College Community History and Skill Centers, and the Portland State University’s Men’s Health Project.

Mr. Rice currently a seniors real estate specialist and volunteer outreach coordinator. He has been instrumental in broadening the “Aging in Place” concept across the Portland Metropolitan Statistical Area. He functions as an instructor in Sabin’s CDC technology program and volunteers as the Adventist Community Services Disaster Response Coordinator for Sharon Seventh-day Adventist Church. His extensive understanding of education, housing, and community service has made him an asset to not only in the community, but to the State of Oregon, Multnomah County, Portland’s Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods, and numerous other organizations.

Brad Hippert, Vice Chair

CEO, Equity Atlas

Identifies as: Caucasian

In addition to his role as vice chair of Sabin CDC’s Board of Directors, Brad Hippert is the founder and CEO of Equity Atlas. Equity Atlas is a 100% worker owned mortgage company that aims to transform how home financing is managed. In the course of this mission Equity Atlas focuses on: shifting expectations, offering innovative programs and tools, and setting standards for home mortgage lenders.

As an expert on banking with more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector, Mr. Hippert has held management positions at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Bank of America, and Security Pacific National Bank. He focuses on innovative lending practices, market-driven program development, and unique ownership and compensation models. He is committed to advancing green building techniques and encouraging sustainable living practices. He lives with his wife Dona in Portland surrounded by a pesticide-free, organic, native and ornamental garden filled with numerous critters and creatures of all sizes and shapes.

Samuel Cole – Finance Committee

Identifies as: African American

Mr. Cole earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from National University, San Diego. He has since gained over twenty years of experience in the financial service industry. His background has facilitated advanced understanding of various financial systems including; credit and commercial lending, financial statements, commercial and multi-family real estate markets, requirements for mortgage applications, market trends, state loan programs, compliance, financial risk management, turndowns from banks, and foreclosures. He has also conducted educational workshops for first time home buyers.

Mr. Coles work experience has covered a diverse spectrum of financial institutions currently he works as both principal at Green Source Capital LLC and as a medicare insurance specialist at Senior Choices NW. Prior to these positions he occupied the role of commercial lender at Harris Note Investors LLC in Chicago Illinois from 2006 until 2013. From 2004 to 2006 at MetWest Commercial Lender he filled the role of commercial loan officer. In 1999 he was accepted for an opening at Northwest Funding Group as a senior loan officer.

In all of these roles and through all of these responsibilities Mr. Cole has demonstrated his ability to work on multiple concurrent projects while working as part of a diverse team while maintaining the networks he has created involving various realtors, developers and investors.

Jilian Saurage Felton – Finance Committee

Identifies as: Caucasian

Ms. Saurage Felton attended Lewis and Clark college where she graduated with honors receiving a Bachelor of Arts in international affairs with a focus on economics. From her undergraduate program she went on to earn a Master’s of Business Administration from Willamette University with her focus being finance and economics. She has had ten years of work in the financial sector. From the years of 2005 to 2008 she was employed by the Wells Fargo & Company. In 2008 she began work for U.S. Bancorp leaving in 2014 to pursue her current career path. From 2014 until today she occupies the office of Assistant Vice President at Pacific Continental Bank.

Ms. Saurage Felton experience in the financial sector has included: commercial and industrial loans, non-profit statement analysis, real estate, understanding of fund accounting, receiving both GAAP, and GASB Omega Credit Training. Her strong background in networking, negotiation, and sales has proven to be valued asset.

Robyn Harris Ford – Program Committee

Identifies as: African American

In 2004 Ms. Harris Ford graduated Portland State. She previously has been employed by Albina Early Head Start from 200 to 2007 and again from 2009-2010 where she fulfilled the roles of lead family advocate and home visitor, respectively. During her intern of those positions at that organization she was employed by the City of Portland in the Bureau of Developmental Services as a development technician. In 2010 she became a parent coordinator at Self Enhancement, Inc. Leaving that orgainationzion in 2013 to become a Community Healing Initiative Care Manager at portland OIC.

With over 15 years of experience in working with at risk and high needs families and children Ms. Harris Ford developed a strong sense of focus and showed proven results related to goal setting for students and families through strength based practices using empowerment and support. She has experience in intensive case management, conducting home visits, facilitating workshops, gaining a strong respect for confidentiality. In her work she has organized and partnered with community agencies and organizations on trainings and orientations for parents and students and evaluated current business processes and systems providing them with recommendations.

Doris Stevenson – Program Committee

Identifies as: African American

Ms. Stevenson has worked to promote African and African American oriented places and districts and worked to increase black community organizational capacity. In her role as a member of the Urban League Senior Center Advisory Board from 2012 until 2014 she helped develop a program that had a strong healthy-living focus, a Walk with Ease program, Living Well with Chronic Conditions courses, Fall Prevention seminars, and more. Her current role is that of a worship in pink ambassador for the Susan G. Komen Foundation; that work sees her advancing Komen for the Cure’s promise of saving lives and ending breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality of care for all, and energizing science to find the cures.


Sabin Auditor

  • Fred Carter CPA
  • Identifies as: African American

Sabin Internal Auditor

  • Richard R. Harris, P.C.
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Identifies as: African American

Sabin Accounting

  • Sharon Lincoln
  • Identifies as: African American

Organizational Development Consultant

  • Paul Delapa Associates
  • Identifies as: Caucasian

Organizational Development Consultant

  • Laura Rose Misaras
  • Identifies as: Caucasian

Asset Management Consultant

  • Darcy D. Vincent
  • DDV Consultants
  • Identifies as: Native American

New Market Tax Credit Consultant

  • David W. Altman PHD, MBA
  • President NMTC IPR Group
  • Identifies as: Caucasian

New Market Credit Attorney

  • Alan L. Pasternack
  • Identifies as: Caucasian

New Market Tax Credit CPA

  • Nicolo Pinoli
  • Identifies as: Caucasian