Jasmine’s Interview

Jasmine’s Interview

Hi my name is Jasmine Griffith and I’m a 27 year old single mom. I have 6-year-old Anne-Marie Macone and my 4-year old Kendrick who’s riding his scooter.

How did you get connected with Sabin CDC? I got connected with Sabin through word-of-mouth. I was in a program for domestic violence and trauma survivors and there was someone who worked for Sabin and knew there was a spot opening and they told me I should apply.

What is different about Sabin CDC? I think what makes Sabin different is that they want to keep people in the community and from what I see, they want to improve and not necessarily change [the community].

How has Sabin CDC helped you? I guess with a lot of things: Christmases, birthdays, just being involved with the kids like having Sadie out for Halloween. If there’s something that I’m going through, there’s someone in the office that I can talk to who can help us find resources. They’re pretty available for things that we need.

What about Sabin CDC makes you smile? Just their existence.

What is your one wish for Sabin CDC? Kendrick: I wish there was a toy kitchen! Jasmine: Something that the kids could get more involved with, something that they can be a part of. They have kind of been a part of this [garden], but you know having their own tasks or something that they can feel proud of.

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