Lucy’s Interview

Lucy’s Interview

Lucy giving her testimonial about Sabin CDCMy name is Lucy Mashia and I’ve been with Sabin since 19 and 94.

Why did you choose Sabin CDC?

Actually they chose me. I was a recovering addict and they had a program called Ugema Program, which was an awesome program for women who had 6 months clean and who had case management. And so, I was chosen. I moved into a property over on 10th & Prescott. So then, they had the land-lease program where was able to move into next. And I’m now a homeowner. I have 25 years clean because I’ve been with Sabin a long time. What I love is it gave me my independence. It gave me self-worth. And now I’m able to stay in my neighborhood where I have grown up all my life. The apartment and the house that I’ve had are like 6 blocks away from each other. And so, to become a homeowner was like something I never thought I could do. And I love it. I love my home. I’ve been able to refinance and remodel. And I don’t know where I’d be without Sabin’s influence in my life.

What made you the happiest?

Being able to buy my house. That surprised me because, they actually worked with me. They let me live there for a little while and just finish getting the bills in order, get my credit score up. And then, I signed on the dotted line and I became a homeowner. And that surprised me that it would work for me. I went to a first-time homebuyer’s class and there were still little things that I had to do, but they never gave up on me and they helped.

Why would you recommend Sabin CDC?

Well, I put clients in here all the time now. I house homeless people that have been struggling with homelessness for over a year. I’ve got 2 clients right now and I’m trying to get 3 more in here because the rent is reasonable with this new gentrification that’s going on and all these people moving here, the rent in NE Portland is crazy. And so, being able to house my people in the neighborhood and they can pay rent. They can afford the rent.

People raise the rent like two, three hundred in like a year. And so, our salaries aren’t raised like two, three hundred in a year, so people were homeless. A lot of people became homeless. So, I love giving people the opportunity to become a renter and then to hopefully prepare to become a homeowner.

What is your one wish for Sabin CDC?

I would love to see them have more land-lease properties because I mean, I feel, it makes me so happy to own my home. You know, I don’t know if they have a lot of a lot of deals and if they had more programs than I had the opportunity to be a part of. There’s a lot of people who can’t find housing because of criminal records, evictions, stuff like that and Sabin is willing to work with people because you know they can provide a reasonable accommodation and they’re not as hard and rigid as some of the other rental properties.

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