Marissa & Osias’ Interview

Marissa: Hi I’m Marissa Tallman and I’ve been living here since September 2016.

Osias: I’m Osias Equae and I’ve been here since September 2016, too.

Why did you choose Sabin CDC?

Marissa: I actually didn’t have  a whole lot of options based on affordability and I had heard of Sabin and I knew they did housing so I put my hat in the game and put in an application.

What are the benefits of living with Sabin CDC?

Osias: So there’s plenty of play area  the apartments are nice and there’s nice people here. And there’s plenty of plantation and stuff.

Marissa: I just marked three things, sort of thought about them, and it’s security, because I feel this is a really safe neighborhood. We never had any issues or safety concerns. The community. And just kind of having a sense of belonging. I think Sabin is really good at making people feel welcome.

What was life like before Sabin CDC?

Marissa: Well before I lived here I was living with my mother and I was really concerned that with the rising prices of living expenses that me and my son wouldn’t be able to afford having our own place again. It was stressful. It was very stressful. I had a really hard time for about two years where I was living with my mother. So, you  know, not great. It was not great before Sabin.

What surprised you the most?

Marissa: I think I was really stunned by the kindness and understanding of the management team here. They’re all really great humans, you know. I don’t really feel like I’m just another rent check to them. They really care about our happiness. I we feel like our needs are being met. So I would just say the overall friendliness of the employees of Sabin.

Osias: When I first came here,  didn’t really know where we were going. I actually didn’t even know what street we were gonna live on. I just knew that we would be safe and secure. And when I first came here I knew it was gonna be alright.

Would you recommend Sabin CDC?

Marissa: Most definitely. I really believe in Sabin’s mission statement and what they’re trying to do for the community and especially the less fortunate for sure. I already have several times.

How is Sabin CDC different?

Marissa: I think the vast diversity in the apartments, you know. It’s not all this or all that. It’s a lot of everybody.

How has Sabin CDC helped you?

Marissa: I guess I have to bring it back, again, to the staff being really reasonable, you know, if something’s going on they really try to fix it because they care. It’s not slumlords. They care about their tenants.

Osias: I would say the staff as well. They are really understanding. I know two people in their pretty well.

What about Sabin CDC makes you smile?

Marissa: I think knowing that we have a home makes me smile the most. Knowing that it isn’t like a precarious situation where I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to afford it. Knowing that every day when we wake up and go to sleep this is where we call home and it’s safe. And that makes me eternally grateful.

Osias: I’ve been to different places where it’s just like me and a little kid, but there’s all kinds of stuff to do and plenty of people to meet. Plenty of nice people who have been through stuff, like we all have.

If you had one wish for Sabin CDC what would it be?

Osias: I wish that there were more places like this that were affordable where people can go when they need security and need to be safe.

Marissa: My wish for Sabin is that it keeps growing so people can have community, belonging, and a place that they can afford every day because, especially when you have kids, being in a precarious situation is very scary. And I think everyone deserves a home.

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