Social Equity Statements

Produced February 13 & 14, 2017, by Sabin Staff: Mary Schoen-Clark, Loulie Brown, Jennifer Craig, Grae Oberhausen, Lamika Colbert, Tim Baker, Bob Shaw; Consultant: Sharon Lincoln; Consultant/Facilitator: Paul DeLapa


This document showcases Sabin’s five areas of work as seen through a social equity lens: Development, Asset Management, Property Management, Resident Services, and Management & Administration.


Sabin CDC works toward social equity, stabilizing and improving the livability of culturally diverse Portland neighborhoods by assuring the availability of long-term affordable housing for low and moderate income residents, and by encouraging community partnerships for local economic development, self-help projects, and youth and senior programs.

Development Through a Social Equity Lens

Developing assets with design considerations for tenant’s quality of life & lifestyle, leads to tenants feeling good about themselves, empowered to action on their own behalf

  • Developing assets with design considerations regarding the property’s positive influence/impact on the neighborhood, leading to engagement between tenants & their immediate communities
  • Development done with consideration for women & minority contractor opportunities
  • Inviting constituent involvement in design thinking & planning, empowering them to have a stake in outcomes, an active role in their future
  • Encouraging neighborhood associations to initiate engagement with constituents, while simultaneously supporting tenant participation in their neighborhoods

Asset Management Through a Social Equity Lens

Ensuring our constituents have access to decent, safe, sanitary housing resources as a foundation for family & prosperous living

  • Tenant engagement in extending & perpetuating “community” for others
  • Compliance adherence impacts future funding & credibility, leading to the continued availability of equitable housing resources

Property Management Through a Social Equity Lens

Holding a wide net for applicants, including allowing for third party support, expands opportunities for those who might otherwise be excluded from finding a safe, affordable home

  • Leveraging Sabin’s contracting & purchasing power (e.g. local & minority sourcing)
  • By providing direct support, Sabin helps constituents avert court involvement & court records, which could otherwise stay on their records permanently
  • Helping build constituent’s long-view on personal etiquette by linking rules & regulations and the avoidance of violations, to self care, safety, & community care

Resident Services Through a Social Equity Lens

Helping secure a stable base for constituents as a first step toward self-actualizing

  • Stabilizing elders and those in challenging life stages & circumstances
  • Normalizing life challenges & issues for constituents, and also normalizing constituent’s challenges/issues back to the agency
  • Empowering constituents toward civic engagement & connectedness, thereby expanding the circle of social justice influence (e.g. describing personal growth results through housing support stories)


Management & Administration Through a Social Equity Lens

Utilizing Jobs Plus program as a path for developing skills, helping individuals take steps toward their livelihood & place in society

  • Modeling & aspiring to a socially equitable & collaborative workplace (e.g. encouraging/making space for multiple voices & viewpoints; e.g. staff feeling empowered to speak up)