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1. RENTS: Unless another date is set forth above, rents are due and payable on the first of the month and must be paid on time. If rent is not paid by the end of the 4th day of the rental period a late fee in the amount stated on this Rental Agreement will be imposed on the 5th day of the rental period and Owner/Agent may require the rent payment and late fee to be paid by certified check or money order. Partial payments will not be accepted without prior Owner/Agent approval. To protect Owner and its Agents, Owner/Agent may refuse to accept cash payments of rent, rent payments from anyone other than Resident or multiple checks for rent. If any check from Resident has been dishonored for any reason, Owner/Agent may require Resident to make all future rent payments by certified check or money order. Month-to-month rents may be increased with a 30-day written notice. The daily prorates of rents and other monthly charges will be based on one of the following methods chosen by Owner/Agent, which method will be consistently applied throughout the rental term: a) a 360-day year composed of twelve months of 30 days each; b) a 365-day year; or c)the actual number of days in the current month. The daily amount will be multiplied by the actual number of days of occupancy in the current month. NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, the pro-rate shall be based on a 365-day year.

2. NONPAYMENT OF RENT OR OTHER AMOUNTS DUE: If rent is not paid when due, Owner/Agent may issue a 144-hour notice of nonpayment of rent on or after the 5th day of the rental period or a 72-hour notice of nonpayment of rent on or after the 8th day of the rental period. Failure of Resident to timely pay any other amounts due Owner/Agent is a material non­-compliance with this Rental Agreement.

3. APPLICATION OF PAYMENTS: Except as set forth below, all payments made by Resident to Owner/Agent after the tenancy commences, no matter how designated by Resident, may be applied by Owner/Agent as follows: first to any outstanding amounts due Owner/Agent for damages/repairs, utilities, deposits, fees, etc.; second, to any rent outstanding from prior months; and third, to the current month’s rent. Owner/ Agent may not deduct a previously imposed late charge from a current or subsequent rental period rent payment, thereby making that rent payment delinquent for imposition of a new or additional late charge or for termination of the tenancy for nonpayment of rent. Owner/Agent may not deduct a noncompliance fee from a rent payment.

4. EARLY TERMINATION OF LEASE: If the early termination box is checked on page 1 of this Rental Agreement, upon any failure of Resident to occupy the unit for the full term, for any reason other than as provided in ORS 90.453(2), 90.472 or 90.475, Owner/Agent may charge Resident, all of the following: a) all rent, unpaid fees and other non-rent charges accrued prior to the date that Owner/Agent knew or reasonably should have known of the abandonment or relinquishment of the unit; b) all damages relating to the condition of the unit; c) an early termination fee in the amount set forth on the front of this Rental Agreement, which amount may not exceed one and one-half month’s stated rent; and d) interest on the above amounts at the statutory rate from the date each was due. The early termination fee is due on the earlier of the date Resident gives notice to vacate or the date the unit is vacated. All other amounts are due at the times specified in this Rental Agreement. If the early termination box is not checked, or if Resident has not given Owner/Agent at least 30 days written notice of intent to terminate and paid rent through the termination date, Owner/Agent may elect to recover from Resident, instead of the above amounts, all actual damages resulting from the early termination, including but not limited to: repayment of concessions; all rent through the earlier of the date the unit is re-rented and the lease termination date; advertising and administrative costs to re-rent the unit; concessions given to re-rent the unit; the difference in rent if a lower rental rate is received from a replacement resident during the remaining term of the original Rental Agreement; damages related to the condition of the unit, and interest on all amounts at the statutory rate.

5. TERMINATION OF MONTH-TO-MONTH TENANCY: A 30-day written notice to terminate will be required for Resident to terminate a month-to-­month tenancy. Any termination notice from Resident may not be revoked without Owner/Agent’s written consent. Owner/Agent must give at least 30 days’ written notice to terminate a month-to-month tenancy during the first year of the occupancy. Except as otherwise provided by law, after the first year of occupancy at least 60 days’ written notice will be required. First year of the occupancy includes all periods in which any of the Residents has resided in the unit for one year or less. If Resident fails to vacate at the end of any termination notice, Resident will be liable for Owner/Agent’s actual damages.

6. CONVERSION OF FIXED-TERM TENANCY: A fixed-term tenancy will automatically convert to a month-to-month tenancy unless either party has properly terminated the tenancy by giving at least 30 days’ written notice prior to the end of the fixed term, or 60 days by the Owner/Agent if such termination is after the first year of occupancy.

7. PETS, WATERBEDS AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: No cats, dogs or other pets capable of causing damage to persons or property are allowed on the Premises (either visiting or living there) without a signed pet agreement, payment of any deposit, and providing insurance, as required by Owner/Agent. Resident will be responsible for any and all damage caused by his/her pet(s). Waterbeds are permissible only with proper insurance and written approval by Owner/Agent. Musical instruments are not allowed without the prior written consent of Owner/Agent.

8. OCCUPANTS: The unit will be used only for housing persons listed on this Rental Agreement. Additional Residents must be approved by Owner/Agent and are subject to full screening procedures. Persons other than those specifically listed on this Rental Agreement shall be strictly prohibited from staying in the rental unit for more than 10 consecutive days, or a total of 20 days in any 12-month period. For purposes of this sec· lion, “staying in the rental unit” means presence on the Premises for a substantial amount of time, whether during the day or overnight, and shall include, but not be limited to, long-term or regular house guests, live-in baby-sitters, visiting relatives, etc. Resident shall notify Owner/Agent in writing at the earlier of: any lime the Resident expects any guest to be staying in excess of the time limits contained in this paragraph; or when such person in fact stays in excess of such time limits. Subsidized Residents shall be required to submit a report to the Owner/Agent identifying any person not identified on this Rental Agreement and staying in the rental unit for more than 10 consecutive days, or 20 nonconsecutive days in any 12-month period, and shall state whether such person is contributing to the income of Resident and to what extent. Owner/Agent may require any person listed on page 1 as an “Other Occupant,” upon reaching the age of 18, to sub· mil an application and screening charge to Owner/Agent, be screened and if the person meets all current screening criteria, be added to this Rental Agreement as a Resident. Failure to submit an application and screening charge within 10 days of Owner/Agent’s request, failure to meet the screening criteria, or failure to execute documents to be added as a Resident within 10 days of a successful screening, will be a material violation of this Rental Agreement.

9. SUBLETTING: Transfer of any interest in this Rental Agreement or subletting the Premises, or any part, is not permitted without Owner/Agent written approval. Subletting means allowing anyone to stay in your unit for consideration, including but not limited to nightly or short-term rentals.

10. CARE OF PREMISES: Resident agrees to keep all areas of the Premises clean, sanitary and free from any accumulations of debris, filth, rubbish and garbage and to dispose of same in a proper manner. Resident shall take particular caution regarding the use of cigarettes and other fire hazards. Resident shall not store flammable or hazardous materials. Resident will not store personal property in a manner or in amounts which: increase the risk of fire; impedes proper air circulation; promotes mold growth; impedes safe ingress and egress; overloads floors; encourages pest infestations; or otherwise creates the potential for damage to the unit or danger for Resident or neighbors living on the Premises. Resident is responsible for all damages to furnishings or Premises caused by his/her negligence, or beyond normal wear and tear. Smoke damage will never be considered normal wear and tear. Resident shall report leaky or defective faucets at once. Resident must pay for any and all expense due to damage to the building or furnishings, other than ordinary wear and tear, including but not limited to damage caused by stoppage of waste pipes or overflows of bathtubs, toilets or wash basins. Resident is responsible for replacing lightbulbs which fail during the tenancy.

11. BARBECUES/FIRE PITS: Resident must fully comply with all applicable codes and regulations related to the use of barbecues. In many areas, fire codes prohibit the use of either charcoal or propane barbecues on apartment balconies or porches unless the area is protected by a fire sprinkler system or all adjacent building surfaces are totally non-combustible. The only exception is the use of electric-style barbecues or the small hibachi-style barbecues that utilize one-pound propane cylinders. These may be allowed when kept well away from combustible building surfaces and unplugged or with cylinder removed (as applicable) when not in use. Fire pits are prohibited.

12. USE OF AND CHANGES TO PREMISES: Resident will: (a) use all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and other facilities and appliances on the Premises in a reasonable manner; (b) immediately obtain, pay for and not allow to be disconnected or discontinued the utilities for which Resident is responsible; (c) make no changes or additions to the Premises of any nature; (d) not install or attach anything on the walls, ceilings or in the windows that will cause damage to the unit without the prior written consent of Owner/Agent; (e) not hang anything on or tamper with any fire safety system; (f) not engage in any conduct that violates any applicable laws. Satellite dishes and/or antennas will be allowed only in strict compliance with Owner/Agent’s satellite dish policy and applicable law.

13. DAMAGE: Resident agrees not to destroy, damage, deface or remove any part of the Premises or permit any persons to do so and to assume all liability for damages other than ordinary wear and tear.

14. SECURITY DEPOSITS: All refundable deposits, however designated, may be used to offset any damage, unusual wear and tear or unpaid accounts (including rent) either during the tenancy or at the time of move-out. Owner/Agent may deduct the cost of carpet cleaning from the deposit regardless ol whether Resident cleans the carpet before delivering possession of the dwelling unit back to Owner/Agent. If any portion of the deposit is used during the tenancy, Resident will replenish it upon demand. If applied at move-out, any excess will be refunded within the lime required by law. Any deficiency will be due from Resident at the time the accounting is sent to Resident. Any amounts not paid by Resident within 31 days of the due date will incur interest at 1 % per month. Sending the accounting and/or refunding any deposit does not waive the Owner/Agent’s right to payment for charges discovered or finalized after the accounting was sent. Any security deposit received from multiple Residents shall be refunded only when the last Resident vacates the unit and terminates his/her tenancy, unless other arrangements are made with Owner/Agent in writing. Security deposits may be deposited into an interest-bearing account. All interest shall accrue to the benefit of Owner/Agent pursuant to any agreement between Owner and Agent. No interest will be paid to Resident on security deposits. If the “Deposits Held By Owner” box is checked on page 1 of this Rental Agreement, all deposits will be deposited by Agent into a trust account as required by Oregon law. Agent will then forward the deposits to the Owner of the property, who will manage the deposits pursuant to Oregon law.

15. NON-COMPLIANCE FEES: Owner/Agent may charge a fee for a second noncompliance or for a subsequent noncompliance with written rules or policies that describe the prohibited conduct and the fee for a second noncompliance, and for any third or subsequent noncompliance, that occurs within one year after a written warning notice. The fee may not exceed $50 for the second noncompliance within one year after the warning notice for the same or a similar noncompliance or $50 plus five percent of the rent payment for the current rental period for a third or subsequent noncompliance within one year after the warning notice for the same or a similar noncompliance. Owner/Agent may charge a fee for occurrences of noncompliance with written rules or policies for the following types of noncompliance: (A) The late payment of a utility or service charge that the tenant owes the landlord. (B) Failure to clean up pet waste from a part of the premises other than the dwelling unit. (C) Failure to clean up garbage, rubbish and other waste from a part of the premises other than the dwelling unit. (D) Parking violations. (E) The improper use of vehicles within the premises. (F) Smoking in a clearly designated nonsmoking unit or area of the premises. (G) Keeping on the premises an unauthorized pet capable of causing damage to persons or property.

16. JOINT RESPONSIBILITY: Each Resident is jointly and severally responsible for rent, all other performance and financial obligations hereunder and any damage caused to the dwelling unit or common area by Resident, any Resident or Occupant of the same unit or his/her guests. Cost of repairs for damage must be paid within 30 days after receiving a bill unless other arrangements have been made, in writing, with Owner/Agent. Any valid termination notice received from any one Resident may be considered by Owner/Agent a termination notice from all Residents. Any Resident not giving the notice who desires to remain in the Premises may be required to submit updated financial information and requalify under Owner/Agent’s then-current criteria.

17. ACCESS: Resident agrees not to unreasonably withhold consent to Owner/Agent to enter the unit in order to inspect the Premises, make necessary or agreed repairs, decorations, alterations, or improvements or to show the unit to prospective buyers or residents. Owner/Agent may enter the unit without consent in an emergency or at any reasonable time with 24 hours’ actual notice or after receipt of Resident’s written request for maintenance. If Owner/Agent is obligated to maintain the yard, Owner/Agent, or its contractors, may enter the yard (but not the dwelling unit) without notice, at reasonable times and with reasonable frequency, to perform the maintenance work.

18. ABSENCE: Resident agrees to notify Owner/ Agent of any absence in excess of seven (7) days no later than the first day of absence.

19. LEGAL ACTION: In the event Owner/Agent has to bring an action to enforce any provisions of this Rental Agreement or the Oregon Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, the prevailing party shall be entitled to, in addition to costs, reason­able attorney’s fees.

20. LOCKS: Doors of Resident’s unit should be kept locked. Resident shall notify Owner/Agent in writing if locks fail to operate. Owner/Agent will not be liable or responsible in any way for loss or damage to articles or property belonging to Resident. Resident shall not change the locks without Owner/Agent’s prior consent. Resident shall immediately provide Owner/Agent with a key to any new Jocks installed. Owner/Agent is not required to provide lockout services.

21. RENTER’S INSURANCE: If renter’s insurance is required by this Rental Agreement, Resident will obtain and maintain insurance with liability coverages of at least the minimum amount listed. Resident will supply Owner/Agent with evidence of such insurance prior to occupying the unit. Owner/Agent may require documentation that Resident maintains the renter’s liability insur· ance on a periodic basis related to the coverage period of the renter’s liability insurance policy or more frequently if Owner/Agent reasonably believes that the insurance policy is no longer in effect. Failure to maintain such insurance in full force will be considered a material non-compli· ance with this Rental Agreement. Owner/Agent may require that Resident obtain or maintain renter’s liability insurance only if Owner/Agent obtains and maintains comparable liability insurance and provides documentation to any Resident who requests the documentation, orally or in writing. Owner/Agent may provide documentation to Resident in person, by mail or by posting in a common area or office. The doc­umentation may consist of a current certificate of coverage. If insurance is not required by this Rental Agreement, Resident should maintain renter’s insurance to cover Resident’s liability to Owner/Agent, as well as damage or destruc­tion of Resident’s property. Whether or not renter’s insurance is required, Resident is not a co-insured under, and has no rights to, Owner/ Agent’s insurance policies. Except to the extent required by law, Owner/Agent is not responsible for, and its insurance does not cover damage or destruction to, Resident’s property.

22. CONDUCT: The dwelling unit is to be used only as a dwelling. The dwelling unit may not be used for the conduct of any commercial activity that involves customers or clients coming to the unit (including but not limited to day care) or the delivery or storage of inventory or equipment. Each Resident is responsible for his/her own conduct, as well as that of the other Residents in the unit and their guests. Noisy or other conduct that disturbs the quiet enjoyment of any other resident or drunk or disorderly conduct will not be permitted at any time. Between 10:00p.m. and 7:00 a.m. the level and/or type of noise emitted from the unit may not exceed what is normal and customary for similar housing. Residents will not be permitted to play in halls, stairways or entrance of buildings, gardens or landscape areas except where specifically permitted by Owner/Agent. The use, possession, manufacture, or distribution of illegal substances, as defined in either federal or state law, either on or in the vicinity of the Premises is strictly prohibited. Resident may not allow any person to: a) be on the Premises who has been excluded from the common areas by Owner/Agent; or b) stay in his/her unit, as defined in section 8 above, who has had his/her Rental Agreement terminated by Owner/Agent. Any action by Resident, any occupant of Resident’s unit, or any guest of Resident that interferes with the management of the Premises, shall be considered a material non-compliance with this Rental Agreement. No one will engage in conduct that endangers themselves or others. No one will enter or use any areas of the property that are not intended for use by residents such as roofs, attics, crawl spaces, maintenance shops, etc.

23. MALFUNCTIONS: Resident will immediately report in writing all malfunctions of equipment, failures of essential services, or needs for repair. Resident shall not tamper with the heating system, plumbing system, appliances, locks, doors, light fixtures, smoke alarms or carbon monoxide alarms.

24. RESIDENT LOSSES: Owner/Agent shall not be liable for damages of any kind caused by the lack of heat, refrigeration or other services to the Premises arising out of any accident, act of God, or occurrence beyond the control of Owner/Agent. Resident shall be limited to the rights and remedies specified in the Oregon Residential Landlord and Tenant Act.

25. CO-SIGNER: If the obligations under this Rental Agreement are guaranteed by a co-signer, Resident agrees that Owner/Agent would not have rented without the guaranty. In the event the guaranty is terminated or becomes unenforceable for any reason, this will be considered a material non-compliance with this Rental Agreement.

26. COMMUNITY RULES: Unless Owner/Agent has custom rules and regulations for the property, the rules and regulations contained in Multifamily NW form M132 (Community Rules & Regulations) apply and are incorporated by reference herein.

27. WRITTEN NOTICES: All notices required under this Rental Agreement or state law to be in writing shall be served personally, by first class mail or by first class mail and attachment. If served by first class mail and attachment, a notice from Owner/ Agent to Resident shall be deemed served on the day and at the time it is both mailed by first class mail to Resident at the Premises and attached in a secure manner to the main entrance of that portion of the Premises of which Resident has possession. If served by first class mail and attachment, a notice from Resident to Owner/ Agent shall be deemed served on the day it is both mailed by first class mail to Owner/Agent at the address set forth on this Rental Agreement and attached in a secure manner to the main entrance of the complex office, if one exists, and if not, to Owner/Agent’s location identified on the front of this Rental Agreement. If the main entrance to Owner/Agent’s office is located inside a secured building, the notice should be attached to the main entrance of such building. Agent is authorized to accept notices on behalf of Owner.
28. ACTUAL NOTICE: Whenever state law requires actual notice, such notice may be served by one or more of the following methods: (a) verbally to Owner/Agent or Resident or by leaving a message on Owner/Agent’s or Resident’s answering machine or voicemail system; (b) written notice that is personally delivered to Owner/Agent or Resident, left at Owner/Agent’s rental office, sent by facsimile to Owner/Agent’s residence or rental office or to Resident’s dwelling unit, or attached in a secure manner to the main entrance of Owner/Agent’s residence or Resident’s dwelling unit; (c) written notice that is delivered by first class mail to Owner/Agent or Resident, which notice shall be considered served three days after the date the notice was mailed; or (d) if an email address is included on the front of this Rental Agreement for Owner/Agent and/or Resident and the “Actual notice by email allowed” box is checked, an email sent to such address, or such other email address as either party may supply from time to time. Resident is responsible for keeping Owner/Agent advised of any changes to his/her email address.

29. PA RKING AND USE OF VEHICLES: Unless Owner/Agent has custom parking rules for the property, all off-street parking is governed by the rules and regulations contained in Multifamily NW form M158 OR (Parking Agreement) which Resident acknowledges receiving and is incorporated by reference herein. Resident agrees to comply with all posted parking restrictions. Resident will drive in a safe manner and comply with all posted speed limit signs at all times, and if no posted speed limit, the speed limit is 5 miles per hour.

30. CONTROL OF COMMON AREAS: Owner/Agent and any person designated by Owner/Agent retain control over any common areas of the Premises for the purposes of enforcing state trespass laws and shall be the “person in charge” for that purpose as that phrase is defined at ORS 164.205(5) . If Owner/Agent excludes a person from the common areas, Resident may not invite such person into their unit or grant permission to such person to enter or remain on the common areas.

31. REQUESTS FOR REASONABLE ACCOMMO­DATION/MODIFICATION: As required under federal, state, and local fair housing laws, Residents with disabilities may request reason­able accommodations/modifications related to their housing. All requests must be made to the Owner/Agent specifying the nature of the requested accommodation/modification. It is recommended, but not required, that such requests be made in writing.

32. TERMINATION FOR FALSE INFORMATION OR CRIMINAL CONVICTION: If any information supplied in conjunction with application for this rental unit is later found to be false, or if any occupant is convicted of a crime during the ten­ancy that would constitute grounds for denial of tenancy under Owner/Agent’s current rental criteria, this is grounds for termination of tenancy.

33. RESCREENING. Each Resident authorizes Owner/Agent to obtain a new or updated con­sumer credit report and/or an investigative con­sumer report: if any Resident requests to transfer to another unit; upon any change in either the Owner or Agent; annually; any Resident leaves or a new Resident is approved by Owner/Agent; or for any other valid business purpose. A con­sumer credit report or an investigative consumer report may include the checking of the Resident’s credit, income, employment, rental history, and criminal court records and may include infor­mation as to his/her character, general reputa­tion, personal characteristics, and mode of living. Each Resident has the right to request addi­tional disclosures provided under Section 606 (b) of the Fair credit Reporting act, and a written summary of your rights pursuant to Section 609(c). Each Resident has the right to dispute the accuracy of the information provided to the Owner/Agent by the screening company or the credit reporting agency as well as complete and accurate disclosure of the nature and scope of the investigation. Residents agree to reimburse Owner/Agent for the costs of such report(s).

34. COMPLETE AG REEMENT: This Ren tal Agreement, any rules and regulations for the Premises, and, except as provided below, any other written addenda executed by the parties on or after the date of this Rental Agreement contain the entire understanding of the parties. There are no prior oral or written agreements unless they are referenced herein. If this is a renewal of an existing Rental Agreement, all written addenda executed on or after the date of the original Rental Agreement, to the extent consistent here· with, remain in effect and are incorporated herein.