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The Sabin Community Development Corporation (Sabin CDC) welcomes you to your new home!  

Sabin CDC is committed to providing clean, quality, stable and affordable housing to our community.  

Sabin’s Main Office is located at 1488 NE Alberta Street, Portland, Oregon 97211.  

Our telephone number is (503) 287-3496. Our office hours are Monday-Thursday 8:30am- 6:00pm; if you have an after-hours emergency please call 971-998-0303.  

Your primary Sabin CDC contact is:
Property Manager: Nichole Colombo
E-mail: nichole@sabincdc.us


Nondiscrimination:  Sabin CDC complies with the provisions of all Federal, State, and local Fair Housing laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation, source of income or physical or mental ability.  Other nondiscrimination provisions include Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Age Discrimination Act of 1975. Sabin CDC does not discriminate on the basis of physical or mental ability in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs and activities.

If you feel you have been discriminated against you have the right to report the incident to the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity.  You may reach Fair Housing at the following address:

Fair Housing Hub
US Department of HUD
Seattle Federal Office Building
909 First Avenue, Room 205
Seattle, WA  98104-1000
(206) 220-5170
TTY (206) 220-5185


Sabin CDC will accept reasonable accommodation requests from applicants and tenants to make unit alterations or make a change in policy or procedure to accommodate a person with a disability.  If you want to make a request, your property manager has a form that must be completed by you and your health care provider.  The request will then be forwarded to the Sabin CDC Board of Directors for review if the cost exceeds five hundred dollars or requires the alteration to an existing Sabin CDC policy.


This handbook has been prepared to inform you of many policies that may affect you during your residency. It has been incorporated by reference as part of the rental contract. In the event of a conflict between the handbook and the State of Oregon Landlord-Tenant Statutes, the terms of the statues will be followed.


Your apartment is your home. When you take possession of your apartment, you have taken on some definite obligations and responsibilities for its care and maintenance. These include everything from day-to-day housekeeping, proper care of all appliances, fixtures, and equipment, and following the necessary rules of community living. These responsibilities are spelled out in your rental contract and further explained in this handbook.


An inspection of your apartment will be conducted before you move in by you and a staff person from Sabin CDC. At this time, you will have the opportunity to look at the unit and make sure it is clean and in good repair. You will be asked to sign a move-in inspection form and report any existing damage or problems. This is your assurance that you will not be held responsible for any pre-existing damage. Major problems will be corrected in a timely manner.

When you move out, you will be expected to clean and restore the premises to the condition existing at the commencement of your rental agreement as evidenced by the move in inspection report (less normal wear and tear). Resident understands that he/she is liable for all damages beyond normal wear and tear.

This provision does not limit the types or amount of other damage or unusual wear and tear for which resident may be liable. Upon written notification of your intent to vacate Sabin CDC will provide you with a Cleaning Requirement Checklist that outlines the tenant responsibilities to be followed before the tenant deposit can be returned. Upon the termination of tenancy, it is the resident’s responsibility to remove all personal property from the premises. Any property left on the premises will be disposed of according to ORS. 90.425. The tenant will be responsible for the cost of this disposal.


A security deposit is due before you move into your apartment. When you move out, your security deposit will be returned to you, subject to the following provisions:

1. A proper written notice to vacate must be given as specified in your rental agreement and /or state law. Full payment for all outstanding charges, including rent in full must be made.

2. There is no damage to the unit beyond normal wear and tear.

3. The entire apartment, including all appliances, fixtures, floor coverings and private spaces, must be clean, a detailed list of all requirements will be provided upon receipt of written notice.

4. All unit keys and mail keys are returned to the management office.

5. A forwarding address is left with Sabin CDC. A Security Deposit Disposition Form will be mailed to you shortly after moving out of your apartment, which will include your refund and /or statement of charge. If no contact is made within 30 days to pay any balance out-standing, or make payment arrangements in writing, the account will be turned over to a collection agency.


All residents should protect themselves by carrying Renter’s Insurance, including liability coverage. Such policies indemnify you against loss personal property by theft, fire or natural disaster, as well as personal liability. Although you may feel that insurance is not worth having, please remember that the cost of replacing your household goods is much greater today than when you originally purchased them. Also insurance does not just cover furniture, but also clothing, cameras, jewelry, etc. If you start to add up replacement costs of all of the items in your home, you will quickly realize the value of this type of insurance. Most insurance companies have Renter’s Insurance at very reasonable rates. We strongly recommend that you shop around and then purchase this valuable security.

Remember: Sabin CDC is not responsible for fire, theft or damage to your personal items, in apartments, laundry, storage, garbage, or any portion of the building. For your safety please keep the apartment secured at all times.


You are responsible for all utility charges, unless they are included in your monthly rental payment as specified in your rental agreement. (Prior to moving in, you must provide verification that service has been started in your name). Payment must be made directly to the utility company. Non-payment of utility bills that lead to your service being disconnected is considered a violation of your rental agreement and can lead to the termination of your lease.


All of Sabin CDC’s properties are subsidized by Federal Housing Programs. These programs have regulations that require each resident’s occupancy and income to be certified at least once a year. Every year Sabin CDC is required to conduct an annual recertification.  You will be notified approximately 90 days prior to your recertification date.  Your recertification date is based on your month of move in.  For example, if you moved in July 15th, your recertification date is July 1st of each subsequent year.  Your lease requires your cooperation in this process.


Sabin CDC’s occupancy guideline is a minimum of 1 person per bedroom and a maximum of 2 persons per bedroom plus 1.  For example, in a three-bedroom unit the minimum number of persons would be 3 and the maximum would be 7. It is Sabin CDC’s goal to maintain more than the minimum number of occupants in each unit, in order to maximize the low-income residents that we serve. If you have questions please contact the Property Manager.


Routine maintenance requests can be made through Sabin CDC’s website or tenants can fill out a form in the office and provide it to the office manager.  The repairs will be scheduled as soon as it is feasible.  You will be asked whether you give permission for someone to enter the unit to complete your request if you are not home. This makes it possible to address your concern quickly. In cases of emergency, Sabin CDC may enter the unit without notice.  An emergency would consist of fire, extreme water damage, or other dangerous occurrences. If we schedule a repair with you when you had agreed to be home and you are not present, you will be charged for the professional’s fee for coming to your apartment.


Any change in income, assets, or family composition must be reported to the Property Manager. Should you experience a change in income prior to annual re-certification, please notify Sabin CDC within 30 days of this change. It is the resident’s responsibility to cooperate in completing the necessary verifications. If you fail to comply with the written notice of upcoming re-certification you will be charged a $25.00 lease non-compliance fee; if you continue to neglect your recertification responsibility, you may be issued an eviction notice.

Only the people listed on the application or re-certification forms are permitted to reside in your apartment. If there is a change in your family composition you must advise Sabin CDC so that approval and certification procedures for the new occupants may be initiated. Failure to do so is considered a violation of your lease and may lead to termination. It is very important you keep your Property Manager be apprised of household changes; not reporting changes constitutes fraud and may lead to litigation.


Periodically, Sabin CDC staff will conduct unit inspections to review building conditions and assess housekeeping practices.  You will receive at least a 24-hour notice of any inspection.  If there is an emergency, we may enter your unit without advance written notice.  However, you will be informed of the entry by a notice left on the front door.


As noted in your lease, Sabin CDC supports drug free housing and all actions that help create a drug free community.  The use, possession, sale, giving or exchanging of illegal drugs or controlled substances is prohibited on or near the property by State law and Sabin CDC policy and will be considered an outrageous act in the extreme subject to 24 hour for cause eviction.

Sabin is transitioning to a smoke free environment, so that all of Sabin CDC properties are smoke free by 2015. Tenants cannot smoke inside the properties and must smoke outside at least 10 feet away from the property. Tenants that violate this will receive a fine of $25.00.


Due to the cost of unit turnaround, Sabin CDC discourages unit transfers.  However, our policy allows for transfers for family composition change and/or reasonable accommodation of a disability.

Unit transfer requests are made in writing with the property manager.  Sabin CDC will accommodate approved in house transfers prior to advertising the unit to the public.  Tenants are responsible for the transfer costs.

If you apply for a unit transfer, you must be a current tenant in good standing.  Before a transfer is approved, your current unit will be inspected for damages and level of housekeeping.  You will be required to pay for damages caused to your old unit.  Based on this inspection, Sabin CDC may deny the transfer.

If you accepted a handicapped accessible unit when you moved in and did not need the features of the unit, you may be required to transfer to another unit if and when a disabled person requires the unit.


Eviction is a serious matter and should be avoided if at all possible. An Eviction on your record can make it very difficult for you to rent a unit in the future. The following are some examples of behaviors that, if not corrected, will cause you to be evicted:

  1. Failure to maintain your apartment in a safe, clean and sanitary condition.
  2. Allowing a situation to exist in your home that could be considered as a threat or danger to health or safety of the apartment building or its residents or staff.
  3. Disturbing the peace of your neighbors.
  4. Causing damage to you apartment or common property.
  5. Nonpayment of rent.
  6. Violation of any portion of your rental agreement, this handbook, administrative policies.

If you receive three (3) notices of lease non-compliance (for any reason) within 1 year, your lease will be terminated according to the terms of the lease (see below).


If you have a grievance your first contact is the Property Manager.  In some instances, the Property Manager may request mediation from Sabin CDC’s Executive Director and or Sabin CDC’s Asset Manager.


Rent is due the first day of the month.  A $50 late charge will be assessed after 6 p.m. on the fourth business day of the month.  A 72-hour Notice to quit (vacate) will be issued on the eighth day of delinquent rent.  Solutions to your financial problems must come from you.

If you have problems paying your rent, you should talk with the Property Manager rather than ignore the situation.  Sabin CDC does no longer take partial payment.  Continuous late payments will jeopardize your tenancy.


Sabin CDC enforces the lease with residents in order to protect all residents in their home and your affordable or subsidized rent.  Generally, you will receive a written notice if you violate your lease.  If you do receive a written notice, you will likely fall within our three strikes policy as follows:

  • 1st strike – Warning letter for lease violation(s).  The Property Manager issues this Notice.
  • 2nd strike – 30-day notice with a 14-day cure period for same offense.  The Property Manager will issue this Notice.  If you don’t cure the violation within 14 days, this will be your final notice to vacate at the end of 30 days.
  • 3rd strike – In accordance with the 2nd Notice (14/30), the Property Manager will issue a 10-day Notice if the same offense occurs within 6 months of the 1st 30-day Notice.

Sabin CDC reserves the right to bypass the first warning letter or provide an additional verbal warning based on the severity of the lease violation.


If you decide to move, you must give 30-day written or email notice.  Any time you occupy the unit after your designated move-out date, you will be charged a pro-rated rent amount.  You are responsible for the rent of your unit until the 30-day period is complete or the unit is re-rented, whichever comes first.

Under no circumstances can you sublet your unit.  Only persons that have passed Sabin’s income restriction and background check and are listed on the lease may live in the unit.


You are responsible for the conduct of your guests.  Poor conduct on the part of your guest(s) could jeopardize your housing. Guests are NOT exempt from the rules and regulations to which you have agreed.

Tenants are welcome to have guests visit “Temporarily”, but their stay cannot extend longer than 10 consecutive days, or for a total of 20 days in a 12-month period. Unauthorized guests or tenants occupying your unit may be grounds for termination of your rental agreement.


If there is an emergency and you have to dial 911, you are required to call Sabin CDC as soon as possible to notify us of the nature of the emergency. Sabin’s emergency number is 971-998-0303.

In case of fire: 

  1. Sound the nearest fire alarm and call 911.
  2. Follow evacuation procedures and get out of the building.

Please participate in fire drills if conducted at your building.

Building Safety: 

If you live in a secure building, do not let in strangers.  Allow only persons visiting you into building.  We must have 100% cooperation in order to maintain building security. Please be sure for the safety of children in the complex that security gates close behind you when you enter and/or leave the building.

Flammable substances: 

No flammable materials (oil, paint, gasoline) are allowed in your apartment or storage area.

In case of earthquake: 

If you are indoors, take cover under a heavy desk, table, bench, against an inside wall or wood framed doorway, and hold on.  Stay away from windows or anything that could fall on you.  Duck, cover, and hold on.

If you are outdoors, stay there.  Move away from buildings, streetlights, utility wires and large trees.

It is best to find safe areas and practice evacuation drills before a disaster so you can avoid danger.

Sabin CDC is not responsible for theft or damage to personal effects, etc., in apartment, laundry, storage, lockers, garage, or any portion of the building due to fire or loss. To protect yourself, you may want to contact an insurance agency and get renters insurance.

REMEMBER:  Our first concern is your safety.


You have been provided working smoke detectors as required by current Building Code.  It is your responsibility to test it once every 6 months. The smoke detector also has a “hush” feature.  To test the detector – push button and hold.  To hush – push button and release.  If it is not working, call the Property Manager immediately.

If you remove your Smoke Detector and do not notify Sabin CDC you will be charged with a $250.00 removal charge for each Smoke Detector removed.


If your building was built prior to 1978 there may be lead-based paint.  When you moved in you received the pamphlet, Protect Your Family from Lead-Based Paint.  You should read the pamphlet carefully.


Mold and mildew are problems due to excessive moisture such as we have in the Pacific Northwest.  There are ways to control the moisture.  To protect your health and condition of your unit we offer the following suggestions:

Keep the humidity low.  Experts recommend humidity should be kept below 40%.  You can help keep humidity low by:

  • Using the bathroom fan
  • Using the fan above your stove

Keep the temperature down and provide ventilation:

  • Keep heating between 50 and 70 degrees
  • Open windows to allow for cross ventilation
  • Allow 1 inch between furniture and walls

Clean regularly:

  • Clean bathrooms and kitchens with mold killing products
  • Use a commercial cleaning product or a weak bleach solution (one cup bleach in one gallon of water)
  • Immediately dry any water spills
  • Clean the window tracks monthly

Notify Property Manager when there is an excess moisture problem:

  • Water leakage around plumbing under sinks
  • Running toilets or excessive condensation on toilet tank

Tenants who fail to notify the Property Manager of these conditions may incur a lease violation.


Items should be kept 24 to 36 inches away from the front of heaters and 12” to either side.  No paper products should be stored near or around heaters.


Drip pans and range bottoms should not be lined with aluminum.  Reports indicate the use of foil shortens the heating element life expectancy and is a potential fire hazard.


Open windows may be a safety concern; therefore, please monitor the occupants of your apartment carefully.  Window screens are intended to keep bugs out, not people in.  There is a serious risk of injury if a person leans against a window screen.  If you have children under the age of 6 living in the unit, please request child safety guards for your upstairs windows.


Keep all items off the top of your hot water heater.  There is a potential fire hazard if things are stored in or around the heater. You will also need to maintain a clear pathway to the front of the hot water heater.


Poor housekeeping is a safety and health hazard and can result in an insects, rodent infestation and health problems that can affect you, other household members and neighbors.

Poor housekeeping includes, but is not limited to: excessive clutter both inside and outside of the unit; grease and food build-up on appliances, range hood and counter tops; garbage accumulation; food left on dishes, counter tops and floor; dirty walls, floors and carpet; strong odors; excessive dirt build-up on window tracks; damp or wet clothes and rags left unattended in closets and other areas; mildew; unclean toilet, tub and sink; dirty window coverings; cobwebs; and dirty diapers not property disposed of.

If housekeeping does not meet the required standard, regularly scheduled housekeeping inspections may be conducted. This may lead to a violation or termination of your rental agreement.


You have the right to expect that your neighbor will not disturb your quiet time at home, and they have a right to expect the same from you. Since apartments are within close proximity of one another, you must think of the others when you play the RADIO, STEREO, or TELEVISON and entertain guest.

We encourage good relations between our residents and request that you do nothing in and around the development, which would interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of the other residents.

The city statutes prohibit excessive noise (that can interfere with a normal conversation) between the hours of 10:00pm and 7:00am. During this time, no noise should be heard from outside of your apartment.

If your neighbor is making excessive noise, please speak to them personally. If the noise continues, notify Sabin CDC. Loud boisterous conduct anywhere on the property at any time is prohibited. Conduct of this type will be grounds for a violation or termination of your rental agreement.


No storage of personal belongings is allowed on patios or porches.  Keeping these areas clear of clutter and debris is your responsibility. The only items allowed on porches and patios include outdoor furniture and working bicycles.


You have been provided with window coverings.  If you choose to install an air conditioner, you may not block the upper or adjacent portions of the window with cardboard or something other than an appropriate window covering.


All garbage must be put in the proper containers and not stacked around the dumpster. Please do not put household garbage in or on top of the recycling bin. Please dispose of all recycling items in the appropriate labeled container. Any extra garbage left outside of the garbage bin will be charged to the tenant. If garbage is placed in the recycling bins this will also be charged to the tenant. This is a cause for a tenant lease violation.

If you have large items such as unwanted furniture, large household items, appliance, etc., that need to be disposed of, please do not dispose of them on the curb. It is your responsibility to dispose of these items in a legal and sanitary manner.


Not all apartment complexes have designated parking areas.  Where parking areas do exist, parking is on a first come, first served basis, with a maximum of 1 car/unit.

There is no car washing or car maintenance on the Sabin CDC properties.

All non-operating, unlicensed or unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas or inappropriately parked in “Tenant Parking Only” or “Reserved Parking” will also be towed at the owner’s expense.


Pets are generally not allowed in Sabin CDC units. If an exception is to be made, it must be done in advance of a pet occupying a unit. If the tenant is claiming that the animal is a service animal, tenant must provide a doctor’s note stating that they are in need of a service animal. A pet deposit is required for all pet owners, regardless of whether the pet is a service animal.  Friends and relatives are not allowed to bring their animals in the complexes at any time.

If an unauthorized pet is found in your unit, Sabin CDC will take appropriate actions, including, but not limited to, impounding of the animal by Multnomah County, lease non-compliance fees and/or eviction.


Tenants may have access to either a coin-operating laundry facility in their complex or have a washer and dry hook-up within their unit.


Please call Sabin CDC if you notice pests that could cause damage to the property. We will make an appointment for an exterminator to review the situation and provide a solution in a timely manner. If you do not notify of a pest problem within 3 days of the occurrence, you will be in violation of your rental agreement.

DO NOT let an issue continue.  The treatment can be far more expensive if you let the problem go on beyond 3 days.  Sabin CDC will act fast in making sure our units don’t get infested.  We want to work together to keep our units safe and clean.


If you become locked out during office hours contact Sabin CDC, a small fee may be charged. For all other times, please contact the following locksmith:

  • JJ Lock Smith & Keys (503) 284- 9582

Tenants will be solely responsible for any costs related to that event.

Additional Services

Rental Assistance Resources

  • SEI (503) 285-0493
  • St. Andrews Emergency Service St. Vincent De Paul (971)244-0339
  • Call 211 ask about short-term rental assistance program
  • Neighborhood House (503) 246-1663
  • Transition Projects, Inc (503) 280-4700

Energy Assistance Programs

  • SEI (503) 240-0828
  • Catholic Charities (503) 489-6842
  • Salvation Army Portland Tabernacle (503) 239-1264
  • Native American Youth & Family Center (503) 505-1125

Emergency Food Referrals

  • New Hope Baptist Church (503) 282-8960
  • Carpenter’s Food Bank (503) 286-1898
  • Northeast Emergency Food Program (503) 284-5470
  • St. Andrews Catholic Church (503) 284-5470


Welcome to the Sabin CDC Family!

Icon of Tenant Handbook Tenant Handbook (358.7 KiB)