Black and White Portrait

Resident, Artist, Performer and Supporter of Sabin CDC

Promoting Unity Community

Arts beget expression, skills and identity development for children

Mr. Bobby Fouther is an Artist and Performer and wears many hats. 

Art Event

On his website he shares a bit of his background and perspective on the arts. 


My vision for our youth is that all children be given the opportunity to experience art at an early age. Having had an extremely full exposure to art as a child gave me the mindset to create and develop artistic alternatives and opportunities for youth in my community. I hope future students will allow me the opportunity to use the traditional approach of passing it down.

Supporting Sabin CDC, Mr. Bobby has generously offered a portion of proceeds on sales of cards featuring one of his designs “Unity & Community”. 

You might have noticed the print shapes resembling human figures and/or sea shells called “Cowries.”   Did you know?  Cowries were used as a form of “Shell Money.” 

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