Nikki Brown Clown, Artist

The first time I felt embraced would be when I created my clown character, Nikki Brown Clown, and I was acknowledged for the uniqueness [and] intentionality for which I created that character.

I was able to partner with community partners like Black Parent Initiative and Sabin CDC who acknowledged there was a place for a black artist and a black performer. They made sure to lend their platforms and networks for me to have access to the audience that I was looking for. That was huge because typically there isn't space or welcoming of black women, let alone someone as unique as myself as an artist, as a professional clown and also serving black children. Usually black women and black children are just not welcome in the space. Given that I felt completely welcomed because I had worked years trying to get into school districts. Black Parent Initiative and Sabin CDC made it possible for me to get into the public school system here in Portland and other community events like Juneteenth.

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Nikki Brown Clown by ZP Productions on Vimeo

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