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Robyn Harris Ford
Program Committee

Robyn Harris Ford – Program Committee

Identifies as: African American

In 2004 Ms. Harris Ford graduated Portland State. She previously has been employed by Albina Early Head Start from 200 to 2007 and again from 2009-2010 where she fulfilled the roles of lead family advocate and home visitor, respectively. During her intern of those positions at that organization she was employed by the City of Portland in the Bureau of Developmental Services as a development technician. In 2010 she became a parent coordinator at Self Enhancement, Inc. Leaving that orgainationzion in 2013 to become a Community Healing Initiative Care Manager at portland OIC.

With over 15 years of experience in working with at risk and high needs families and children Ms. Harris Ford developed a strong sense of focus and showed proven results related to goal setting for students and families through strength based practices using empowerment and support. She has experience in intensive case management, conducting home visits, facilitating workshops, gaining a strong respect for confidentiality. In her work she has organized and partnered with community agencies and organizations on trainings and orientations for parents and students and evaluated current business processes and systems providing them with recommendations.

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