As a part of the Sabin CDC’s focus on equity and environmental justice, our organization is committed to creating space for our residents to actively participate in making their neighborhood a more sustainable place for the benefit of all. Sabin CDC is intentionally prioritizing our residents’ health and sense of belonging by adding new pollinator and vegetable gardens to the grounds of six of our existing properties and to the rooftops of our two buildings that are scheduled to break ground in 2020. Because green spaces have been correlated with improved mood, decreased stress, and an increased sense of belonging in neighborhoods nationwide, benefits are far reaching and will improve both our ecological impact and our residents’ access to fresh food.

Your donations will support the creation of these gardens and the affordable housing that is vital to the preservation of our tenants’ community and culture with the intention of positive impacts for all neighborhood residents. Each donation will be matched dollar for dollar by a Sabin supporter, up to $10,000.

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