SabinCDC Coronavirus / COVID19
Memo to Residents
March 25, 2020

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Sabin CDC Coronavirus / COVID 19 Pay Rent Memo March 25, 2020 (PDF)

As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is affecting all of us in various ways, we would like to remind you that one easy step you can take to reduce is of contracting or spreading the virus is to utilize the pre-stamped envelopes Sabin posted on your door. We kindly ask that you utilize these envelopes to limit the exposure to fellow residents and staff. You can still place your rent in the mail slot in the door of the office if that works better for you.

Per the directive from Mayor Ted Wheeler and County Commission Chair Deborah Kafoury, if you have been impacted financially (Example: Job shut down, reduced work hours, missed work without pay for child care or unable to work because of a sickness from Coronavirus) and are unable to pay or only able to pay part of your monthly rent, you may be eligible for a repayment plan. We ask that you contact Sabin CDC as soon as possible and before the 1st of April. You will be required to provide documentation of the impact (notices from your employer, service provider, or doctor). After further review, we will guide you towards the next steps.

It is very easy to be influenced by uncertain messages floating around news outlets and social media, please be clear the Mayor and the County Chair are telling you to pay your rent if you can. Please don’t get into a situation of not paying rent if you’re able to do so. When this pandemic is over, you will be faced with the potential of losing your housing due to your undocumented reduction of income, and we do not want to see that happen.

Please note that the Sabin CDC office is closed to the public due to the Governor’s directive, so we are asking you to call (503) 287-3496 Ext 109 and talk with Charlotte or email her at to let us know if you have a loss of income related to this pandemic.

Thank you,

Sabin CDC Staff

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SabinCDC Coronavirus / COVID19
Memo to Residents
March 16, 2020

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Sabin CDC Resident Coronavirus / COVID-19 Memo March 16th, 2020 (PDF Document)

We want to continue to support you, our residents, during this unprecedented time – Please help us keep you and our small staff healthy.

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Sabin Offices are closed to the public until April 1st or until further advised by health officials. Please make appointments to see Sabin Staff:

No unplanned walk-in visits will be allowed.


Please contact the office at 503-287-3496 or email to make appointments or ask questions.


Please use email or text if possible as staff can quickly respond and reserve phone calls for the elderly and those that do not have access to computers or text messaging.


Help us limit traffic into the office and keep our small staff healthy, so we can continue to serve you, by using return envelopes provided for your rent payments or you can put your rent though the door slot as usual.


HUD has not released us from completing your annual or interim certifications. When possible, we will be sending you the paperwork for you to complete and return. Please do this so we can be sure you have the correct subsidy for your unit (Avenue Plaza, Emerson Plaza, Estates Plaza, Alberta St Apartments residents). If you lose your job that reduces your income or get a job that increase your income be sure to contact our office if you live in the above properties. For all other properties, we need this paperwork to maintain your low rent housing. If this information changes, we will let you know.


For your safety, Sabin maintenance staff will be wearing glasses, booties and gloves when entering your unit. They will be checking each morning and evening to see if they have a fever and washing their hands or using hand sanitizer before and after entering your unit. They will be asking you if you are ill with a fever. If yes, they will need to take additional precautions. Please be patient with them as they try and assist you. You must clean surfaces they need to work on including counters, doors, or toilets before they come to your unit. Safety supplies are limited therefore staff will ONLY respond to health and safety calls.


From March 16th through April 1st 2020.

Email your maintenance requests to or text 971-263-1200.

Please reserve calling for those that do not have text or email capacity.


THANK YOU for your support during this difficult time for us all. Our plan is to be here for you, and, with your help, we can do this together. 2 

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